How do I start wearing make-up?

I kinda want to start wearing makeup but im more into the really thick dark make-up which is why I dont know how to get my parents to let me wear it or how to just start wearing it because people will make a big deal since I dont usually wear any and I also have to deal with the problem that im allergic to it…any tips

Answer #1

have you thought about going to a make-up specialist and asking for alternative products like the herbal and organic based products, maybe those wont cause too much irritation, and while you at it ask them to do your make-up the way you would imagine doing it and pay close attention.

Answer #2

Amm, just put them on and you’re good to go…

Now, if you’re allergic, I don’t know :~

Someone else should help…

Answer #3

alright. so I’m in 10 th grade.I started wearing makeup the summer of 8th. my parents really didn’t care because I took it one step at a time. I started wearing just mascara, then, eyeliner. now I wear liquid which is much darker than regulaar liner. since it’s the summer go into school next year wearing makeup. people will talk, but most of the time it will be good things. & since your allergic if you want to wear it so bad. your going to have to deal with the sidafects I guess? just try not to get any in your eyes.

hope this helps!!!

Answer #4

how bout light not heavy eyeliner and some lipgloss

I don’t know

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