How do i start off a brochure to rome?

im doing a brochure about rome for a project, I dont know how to start it off. like what should I say?

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welcome to the city of rome
write about its mayor attractions and include photo's
this massive arena,which once hosted battles between gladiators,slaves and wild animals
the best preserved building in rome the pantheon was built in AD 119-128 as a temple
the home of the pope and catholic church
this is the square where the pope speaks to the people on every wednesdays

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Well you obviously need to include things there are to do there, some entertainment, some historic, and some natural. I would also include things on transportaion both on how to get there and once youre there (ie taxis busses trains etc) Also how much will it cost you, you need to do money conversions also so that people know how much american money they will need to get exchanged. I would also include a brief over view of Rome, the population, where it is, what language is it. When ever you do something like this you need to write it for the most clueless of people. For instance you and I may know that Rome is in Italy, however someone may not. Dont take the basic information for a given.
I dont know how you have to do this, if there are certain peramaters but there is a great program on the computer to use its called Microsoft Publisher, its part of Microsoft Office so it may come standard on your computer if not you can purchase it or you school probably has it. It comes standard on Office Premium.

Hope that helps

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put in pictures about main attractions that rome has and then a little information about the attactions. you could also talk about the climate, geography, and history.

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