How do I sneak away to a party at night?

I need any ideas to help make the plan full proof so that I wont get caught.=]

Answer #1

If you live in a small neighborhood, sneak out a window or door in your house.. get whoever is picking you up to park a little ways from your house. walk to wherever they are and hop in. :)

Answer #2

if youre room is in the basement, on the first floor, or on the second floor then wait till your parents are asleep and go out the window but make sure you bring a key so you can get back in and be very extremely quiet when you get back…

Answer #3

DONT its irresponsible and you will get caught and think of the worry you will cause your parents?

Answer #4

Right so let’s just say you do sneak out. What you going to do if you get grabbed by some stranger or something? Your parents won’t know where you are, obviously you have no idea something like that would make them feel.

Answer #5

there are no full proof plans! there’s a risk in all of them that you have to take but the easiest one is just to wait until your parent’s are in a deep sleep (that is if the party starts pretty late) and just sneak out the front door and be as quiet as possible. if you’re as careful as you need to be it should take a couple minutes just to get to the front door lol, especially if you have an old house with creaky floors. just be quiet and make sure everyone’s definitely asleep.

Answer #6

invite a good friend who ows you something over to your house and say your going to her house like an hour or two before the party then her mom will think you at your house and your mom will think your at hers then do whatever you gotta do before the party like get ready and eat and stuff then when its party time go to the party then after the party go over to a different friends house… it works pretty good!

Answer #7

I would say get chink eyed then you jump out the window in your room it worked every time for me and my friends

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