How do i sing once upon a december in russian?

Okay, so I was planning to sing "Once Upon a December" in Russian for this talent show at my school. (But it doesn't happen until spring, so I have plenty of time to learn)

Could anybody give me tips on Russian language, like how to pronounce the words? And maybe is there any Russian lyrics of Once Upon a December?

Thanks a ton!!!

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well 1st off
russian is pretty hard
im russian so to me it come pretty easy

try to go to youtube
and listen to the song in russian
sometimes it will come up with russian words typed out wiin american letters
and its so much easier

hope I helped

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Yes you did, thanks! :)

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Once upon a december (Russian)

Kak uzor na ogne.
Like a pattern on a window.

Snova proshloe rjadom.
The past is near again.

Kto-to pel pesnju mne.
Someone sang a song to me.

Zinmij vecher kogda-to.
One winter night sometime.

Slovno v proshlom ozhilo.
As if coming alive in the past.

Chi’ix- to berezhinix ruk teplo.
The warmth of someone's gentle arms.

Valsy iziskonnyx gostej.
The waltz of exquisite guests.

I veg lexix konej.
And brave horses running.

Val’s kruzhil I njos menja.
The waltz spun and carried me.

Slovno v skazku svoju manja.
As if beckoning in its tale.

Pervyj bal I pervyj val's.
The first ball and the first waltz.

Svuchat vo mne sejchas.
Resound in me right now.

Zerkala v jantare.
Mirrors in amber.

Moj vostorg otrazhajut.
Reflect my delight.

Kto-to pel na zore.
Someone sang at dawnbreak.

Dom rodnoj pokidaja.
Leaving her cherished home.

Budesh' ty v dekabre.
You will be, in December.

Vnov' so mnoj, dorogaja.
Again with me, darling.

Et pour la prononciation écoute et reproduit les sons...

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