How do I shape my butt?

How do you get a nice, firm butt? I already have a big butt but its not firm, has cellulite and it kinda sags. How do I lift and firm?

Answer #1

Ha. Only problem is I have had knee surgery and it sends a sharp pain through my kneecap. I guess if I’m desperate enough I’ll do it. =)

Answer #2

you should do tons of squats

just do them on commercials during tv its easy and now you dont have to just watch some pointless ad about wendys while your sitting on your butt instead you can watch sum pointless ad and firnm your bootay at the same time

Answer #3

Cellulite, that darn dimpled, cottage cheese looking skin often found around our thighs, buttocks and stomachs. It is difficult to reduce cellulite but possible if you take some important step see the link below it might help you to get better butt .This product is really effective.

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