How do i restore password on my hp touchsmart tm2 if i forgot it?

I have a HP touchsmart tm2. I forgot my password and cant login. I've tried to shut it down and restore it by pressing f8 but this meathod does NOT work.. how can I restore my password and finally login? p.s take all actions if necessary

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Do you need a windows password? Or did you password the BIOS?

For windows password check out:

If you password the BIOS check out:

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if its the bios password just take your motherboard battery out and short the board and that will reset all the bios to original state..

touch a bare metel part of the chassis to get the static off yourself - remove battery - set the jumper (I cant tell you 100% where this is, you will need you motherboard manual) - wait a min - put the jumper back into the original 2 pins - but battery back in and your done..

this must be done with the power lead out the back of the power supply unit...

for windows password check the howtos ;)

when you say the F8 boot menu doesnt work do you mean it really doesnt or your pressing it at the right time?

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If you want to login without Windows password I will recommend you to choose the following two methods:

1. Using reset program to create a reset disk. There is a free reset program that you can create a disk. Or you can use it to login without password. That is Offline NT Password & Registry Editor.

2. Anmosoft Windows Password Reset. It is paid reset software. You can also use it to login without Windows password.

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