How do I renegotiate?

Ok I was downsized a month ago, getting unemployment but I have been going on interviews. Today I had an interview for a part time job which would be Monday thru Friday 2:00PM to 6:00PM. The person who interviewed me asked me what hours and days I could work and I said I could work Monday thru Friday. However, the person who interviewed me told me they hope I could come in at 2:00PM and stay to 6:00PM. I really do not know if I want Monday thru Friday and those hours because I really need the afternoon hopefully to go on interviews for a full time job. So if I am offered the job is there a way to renegotiate days and hours? (The reason the hours are in the afternoon is because it is a tutoring place and teachers and students come in after 3PM and they want someone there to help during those hours) Thanks

Answer #1

Not bad hours at all - you still have the mornings to interview - sounds good to me…Take care !!

Answer #2

I agree with the other posters. Take the job rather than trying to negotiate the hours. When applying for other jobs, just let them know you are free for interviews in the morning, evening, and weekends.

If you get an offer for an interview that doesn’t fit that schedule, and you really want the job, just call in sick.

Answer #3

I think if you get offered if then you should take it, its better then nothing.

Answer #4

FYI morning interviews for full-time jobs are the key!

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