How do i put graphics as a photo caption on myspace?

I have seen on other people's MySpace accouts that they have cute graphics as some of their photo captions and I would like to know how to put some graphics as the caption on some of my photos as well..can anyone help me??

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I believe you just use HTML to add photos to the captions.

Go to Add/Edit photos on your MySpace home page, and click on Add Caption.

Now, in that caption, where you want that picture to be, enter this:


replace the URL in this example with the URL to your own picture.

The picture doesn't actually have to be on myspace, in fact it can be anywhere on the internet, as long as it's accessible by some URL.

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most of the myspace layouts and graphics websites you go to have a category called picture captions they have them on there and they have a code you copy and paste into your caption area... try to find one with shortter codes because some websites codes are too long to fit

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okay so first go to then upload the photo you want as the caption then once thats done put the mouse over the pic and go down to something that is called img code and copy that code then go to myspace and go to edit caption and type in and get rid of the two things in the beging and ending of the code that look like [img] and delete them and then your done!! YAY YOU!!!

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