How do I put a header picture on myspace?

I want to know how to put a header picture up over the ad.How change the text color because another picture of me is going to be in the background also?And what color frames do you think would look good to put some more pictures of myself in and put it on my profile?And is the anyway to make a kind of large text of my name glitter?

Answer #1

Well since no one answer this question and someone may run into it and wonder the same thing I’ll put the answer I got up here. First as far as the header I google put a header on myspace and came up with a few good sites that creates generators.So it had on there to put in your photo Url.I put in my photo URL which was on photobucket.Then I had to put the pixel size in.So before you do this it’s best to write down the exact size.Then I just hit the get generator button right under what I wrote and that was it.I copy the code and pasted it to my edit profile page.You can put it in the about me section or anywhere else that has a free space.And now I have my header picture over the ad and navigation bar. As for as changing the text color I found out some information but it was way too complicated to do.But, it didn’t matter because my background picture was light enough for me to see it just fine. As far as frame color I choose black because it match my profile picture well.You can also find that on photobucket. As far as the header picture is concerned it better for it to be picture large.Mine is 720 x 380 and there a lot of space between my picture and the navigation bar because of the height being 380.As far as the glitter text I couldn’t find a way to put the text on the background picture.There site that have the feature of getting your name in glitter but it’s all codes and you can’t exactly put glitter codes on pictures.

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