How do I prepare myself to move out next January?

Ok so I want to move out January of 2011..I’m turning 17 next month on the 24th..I’ve been trying to get a job .but non yet ..I would move out now but I wouldn’t really have no where to go ..I want to to mv out because me and my. Mom never got along and since I was little she’s treated me like a slave always doing everything she does anosolutely nothng all she does is lay In bed and have me tend to her every need..soo I’m trying to get out of here as soon as possible..and the fact that I’m gay doesn’t help any advice would be appreciated greatly thank you

Answer #1

well… you must first have the cash, after you get the cash, make sure you have a car if you dont already, then go to apartments and stuff… they are the cheapest on the first move, if you find one you like go to the office and ask for an application, fill it out and hope they call you back, after that if they say yea your set go fill out the lease, but if not then go to the other apartments, fill out there apps… you are bound to be accepted…thats all I can think of at the moment.

I hope this was helpful.

Answer #2

ok you need a job an you could go an get appartment book if you wanted you dont really need a car because then you have 2 pay insurance on the car an thats going be less money you would have for your place ill be 18 in may an ian have a job iif you have the city bus where you at then use that tell you can get on your feet when you get a job then start gettin some things 4 your place so when you get it you will all ready have somethings 4 it

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