How do i pleasure a girl with clothes on?

I need to know how to bite a girl pleasurably or pleasure her while she is still clothed

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grinding against her .. like as though you were having sex. I used to do that with my first boyfriend. super hot!...I would recommend guiding her to get on top of you while your on the couch. and guide her hips against your hard on.

umm also make her nipples hard. doesnt matter if she has clothes on or off.. just brush up against them and pinch them.

also if she is wearing a skirt rubbing your hand against her undies will make her wet .

um make out with her.. people forget how important it is to do it> play with her hair a lil while you do it (big turn on)!!!

also umm nibble dont bite. suck the spot and blow on it a little.

these are all things that she has to be k with. and you know how to ask while you do it.. with/out ruinin the mood. be like do you like when I do this?

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Make out with her slowly whilst running hands through her hair, then go to the neck kiss, lick and gently bite it then start running hands up thighs then after doing that for a bit rub the crotch through her clothes then grind against her after doing that for awhile she will be Sooo wet

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