How do i make myself unresistable to my ex boyfriend?

my ex says he still loves me but doesn't want a relationship because they're stressful. what can I do to make myself unresistable so we can start over?

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If he really loved you then it wouldn't matter how "stressful" relationships are cause you'd be worth it. Statements like that are usually followed with a claus usually sexually related. Even if it's not it just kind of seems like he doesn't want to bother having a relationship with you but doesn't want you to get over him.

I really wouldn't follow the girls advice above me because nothing screams desprate and pathetic like dressing like a tramp and being all over him. No offense.

If I was you I'd give him some space. Do your own thing. Stay away from him. Few things are more irresistable to a boy than inatainablity. Thrill of the chase. And who knows whilst you are away from him you might find someone better who can be bothered having a real relationship.

Good luck :) x

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Wear sexy clothes and b flirty also do you no the ten tips to flirting??

What else can me and my boyfriend do?

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