How do I make my head hair expand more quicker? ??

yeah sorry for the werid title. How do I get my hair to grow faster? everytime I wrote that in it brang me to another Q which idc about I wanna ask my own lol. My my hair grows supperr supperrr fast. my hair grew 5 inches in 4 months but you see he problem is. my hair is naturally blonde. and I dyed my hair black. last time I dyed my hair black is was the natural coloring so it faded.. this one doesn’t! so I have 5 inch blonde roots on long black hair and it looks hideous!!! people call me skunk and I look really ugly:( im going to put a semi-perminate on my roots before I go back to school but still how the * do I get my hair to grow really fast? or faster at least?? please help I look really bad. and some people say because my hair is still so blonde from far away agaist the black it looks white!!! omg please help me!!:(

Answer #1

there is nothing that will make your hair grow , let alone make it grow faster. Sorry to tell ya but your just gonna have to dye it all blonde or keep the upkeep of the black.

Answer #2

truelove14: what? lol

Answer #3

some leimo hair growth laser

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