How do I make my hair pretty?

I got my hair cut, and it was suppose to be a punk kinda rock haircut, but the hair salon person messed it up! I put a pic of what I wanted. Now my hair looks weird its like short half way then long, like wierd layours. My hair is like in the shape of a mushroom kinda. My family says my hair is fine, but they are alwas just being nice and never say the truth. I told the salon lady if it would work because my hair is kinda wavy not perfectly straight like in the photo, and my hair is very thick. My hair looked kinda cute when the salon person did it, but now as it grown it looks so weird. I told my mom I want to redo it but she said I shouldnt because if they mess up again, then im stuck with it, and I cant curl my hair ever again. Im trying to grow it out, and I like my hair really long. But its taking forever. What should I do? Where could I get the hair I wanted if I should try to get this style again? SHould I just wait and let it grow.

Answer #1

Go to a DIFFERENT salon and have them cut off some of the extra length and start new with that…have them even your layers and make it more into a style. Im a hairdresser and if somebody tells me they want the “punk goth” look I know exactly what they’re talking about normally. Get a straightner (a good one) and straighten it.

Answer #2

One of my friends wears clip on extensions. Her haircut got messed up too, and the extensions look completely normal. At first, I didn’t even know, until I saw them. You should try that, it looks good. Another thing: you could put your hair into like clips and stuff or like pin half up, half down with bobby pins until your hair grows out like you want it.

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