How do I make my hair look cute?

My hair is frizzy and when I straighten it it looks weird and when I put it up it falls down what do I do?

Answer #1

awwwhh! the natural curl?? Me too darlin. well what I have always done, was washed it with baking soda. sounds weird, but it help a lot by smoothing your hair. I also wash it everyother day. So the hair doesnt fall out of an up dew because it might be too clean or soft.

Answer #2

you could curl it!! :)

Answer #3

I watched this video and tried it on my hair. It’s really not so hard! Idk what you look like so I’m not sure if it would look good on you ;) [link removed]

Answer #4

ummmm here let me add it? :)

Answer #5

Aaaaaand here it is lol

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