How do I make my eyeliner stay and be more noticeable?

I’m not a big makeup person, but when I use it, I like it to look as good as possible. I have sort of blue green eyes, so I was advised to not get black, so I got a kind of indigo. But I don’t think necessarily the color causing the trouble. Another thing, I dont like to put it on the top, just the bottom. But anyway, I’ve noticed that about 30 minutes after I apply the liner, it starts fading so its hardly noticeable. It’s really annoying, and eventually I give up. another thing is, I can never get the eyeliner to get darker while I’m applying it, it just stays one shade the whole time, no matter how many times I go over it. Any helpful ideas?

Answer #1

Liquid Eyeliner - it’s bold, it stays in place all day, it does not smudge, and it’s dark.

I have used it for years and would never use a pencil liner after using liquid. It goes on smooth, stays all day, and looks bold.

Answer #2

Put more then one coat of eye liner on!! = ] Hope I helped and here are some sites with great make up ideas on it!!

Answer #3

If your going to use liquid eyeliner on the bottom, be sure not to put it toward the inside of your eye because it will just leak. Try putting your eyeliner more on the lash line. If the eyeliner doesn’t get darker no matter how many times you put it on, it’s probably just bad eyeliner.
Hope this helped(:

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