How do I make my cheeks and face look skinnier?

I hate my cheeks and the rest of my face. their too fat. how do I make them skinnier. like along with the rest of me which I already no how.

Answer #1

your face is beautiful!!! stop trippin your cheeks are normal and cute!@!!!

Answer #2

A video on youtube should help, same one uptop

Answer #3

my cheeks are really chubby too!!! my boyfriend thinks its “cute” but I hate them with a passion!!! I am really self consious about them!!! so if you find somethin that werks tell me plzz! because dose videos didnt work!!!

Answer #4

Hey Girl, Well if you really wanna slim down your face, then you can contour it. All you need is a bronzer,highlighter, contour brushes.

Good Luck! Makeup Guru

Answer #5

Do you mean you want a smaller looking face? I had that same problem a while ago but I found this video on youtube that you can check out. It’s a simple face exercise you do everyday and it really helped thin my face out a little so you can try it. Here’s the link: Hope I helped!

Answer #6

Sorry bout that. Don’t know what went wrong. Try it again. This should be the right link.

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