How do I make money with Adsense?

I signed up for Google Adsense, now how do I make the money I was promised? When does the money start rolling in while I sit here at home watching TV? I had one url channel give me a total of $1 today. I don’t think I can quit my job yet. Is this dollar scalable? Can I make more with certain questions? Should I bookmark my questions? How do I make serious money with Adsense?

Any seasoned vets out there to give the poor newbie some tricks?

Answer #1

Well the key to AdSense is Traffic. Traffic is from either referrals, organic search engine referals, or direct url advertising putting a website in front of a consumer audience enough to the point where they enter it on their computers. You can also buy traffic with Adwords, but if you aren’t selling something then arbitrage can be a lot of work for little profits. So the best bang for your buck is to get into…(shhh…)….seo….The search engines don’t like seo because it is there to exploit certain functions of the search engine. (i.e. the Google Bomb of George Bush with the search term “miserable failure” in googles search engine.

Each search engine is unique in its algorithms and methodology for categorizing all the junk on the net so to optimize you must figure out where you want put your time into getting high rankings in. The stock market should be a clue that Google handles most of the search done on the net so it would be best to address getting into google. That means dealing with “Page Rank”. You can see page rank in the google toolbar to get an idea of how high google sees the importance of your site. Rather than intense keyword density and breadth, Google instead first will count up your “inlinks” to see how many people think that you are important besides you. This is the reason that you will see a lot of link exchanges and dealings on the internet that might seem foreign to the newbie adsenser itching to pick up their first check. Use Google’s advanced search features to check the inlinks of yourself and your competitors, don’t result to comment spamming or link spamming, and don’t plagiarize your work. All of your pages should be easy to navigate and have a solid link structure as well as ‘clean url’s’ for running scripts. Your domain name should have a keyword in what it is your website shows, sells, or does.

Most of all you need to be patient and look for creative ways to market yourself to get the best viral impact without breaking ethical rules or mass marketing junk. Add as much content as you can and check Google’s Adword Keyword suggestion tool for subjects of content that will help you get the traffic you are looking for.

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