How do I make it clear to this chick to leave him alone?!

Ok so I’ve bn going with this dude named jake for a while rite.. And weve had a great relationship so far except for this one little problem… These chick like him and wont leave him alone!!! True he aint studdin em but still they just want get the hint “leave my man alone” hes really faithful and everything but he aint what im worried about because I know frm experiance I want something I going to try my hardest to get what I want! How do I make it perfectly clear to leave man alone but not end up gettin suspended from school?! Because its nt like I want to beat her a double snakes (unless she keeps on!!!) I just want to make it perfectly clear to her to back tha freak off!

Answer #1

he has she want listen the more he tries to ignore him the stronger she comes on! shes just stubborn and she want stop txtn him or nuttin so I don’t know what to do thats why im asking

Answer #2

Are you an idiot dudeman93, her name is dixiegurl01 get it dixieGURL. It could be that she thinks she’d be better with him but theres not much you can do really exept asking the guy to tell her to back off.

Answer #3

just say, I’d really appreciate it if you would stop. he doesn’t want you, and I really don’t want you talking to him. or have him tell her.

Answer #4

Maybee she just want to b frendz wit hym ever think of that?? Not ALL girls are after sumones boyfriend >_< unless shes told either hym or you that she wants the hookupp then that’s another story but don’t jump tew conclusions bcoz I’ve bin accused of that before and its really freakin annoying soo just find out if she defly tryna get wit hym and if she is all I cud think of is beat sum sense into her..

Answer #5

no shes told him to break up with me to go with her!

Answer #6

are you like a fag or anything

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