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How do i make different signs on my keyboard

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By bff and I want to know how to make a square and a peace sign and all that other stuff and I need and answer quick some 1 help

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I don't know a peace sign but here two sites to get ALT codes. ALT codes do not work with every program. They may work on FunAdvice, but not on another site. To use them, hold down either ALT key on your keyboard and type in the number on your KEYPAD. (Not the row of numbers at the top! For this reason ALT keys usually don't work on laptops)
Then release the ALT key.

ALT 3 gives ♥
ALT 14 gives ♫

The first link is a simpler list
Play around with them and have fun.

Good Luck!!

Who know a lot of signs using the keyboard ?

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Here are some characters and their alt codes:
✌ 9996, ♠ 9824, ♡ 9825, ♢ 9826, ♣ 9827, ♤ 9828, ♥ 9829, ♦ 9830
░ 9617, ▒ 9618, ▓ 9619, █ 9608, ■ 9632
❢ 10082, ❣ 10083, ❤ 10084, ❥ 10085, ❦ 10086, ❧ 10087

If you cannot enter them in a web browser, you may be able to input them in Wordpad, then copy and paste them.
There is also the possibility of browsing through a full list of Unicode characters, and copying and pasting them from that. Some exist online.
I also have this tool I can use to see what the alt code is for any given character.

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Try these searches:

make eruo sign keybaor