How do I lose weight, I am 13?

Like I said I am 13, weigh a lot!! I am actually really fat and want it to change. I weight like 220 pounds and hate it. Every mourning I dred going to scool and having people stare at me. And its even worse because being fat I am really really shy. I am not really good at diets. So if anyone can give me some tips please help! ;) thx!

Answer #1

well I eat when I’m boredd. not saying your bored all the time lol. but I don’t weight a lot but I know if I didn’t do what I’m about to tell you I’d weight, WAAAY more than 220.. soo… honestly if you try to do a lot of activites, like I play soccer all year around so that’s one activity. also excerising when you not thinking and noticing it’s excerisee.. walk around the mall with your friends.. walk or do something.. alsoo drink lots and lots and lots of waterr. waterr can contain some of your hungry.. also eat real slow.. it only takes15 minutes to fill anyone up.. and I know I’m a super duper fast eaterrr. so.. lower on -pop -chips -cookies -candy eat more -vitiams -salads -fruits -veggies. common healthy foods.

(: I really hoped I help.. remember to stay completely conmitted to your so called diets.. think of it more as a life change ( ; good luck!!!

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Answer #2

excercise eat less thats what I did when I use to be chubby

Answer #3

My sister wakes up and down the stairs for 20 minutes for exercise and read the nutrition labels on food- shes about your age and is just starting out too good luck!

Answer #4

I would say go on walks, not just ‘a walk’ but fast-walk. and when you have enough energy, try jogging. And try to cut down on how much food you eat, and eat healthy. (: I am not over weight, but I am not the ‘skinniest’ girl, but I do have friends who are very over-weight, and from talking to them, they said that the struggle for them is when they get upset, they eat. I do the same thing. but my matabolism is dif from theres. So it really depends on your ‘body system’ too. But like I said exercise, and food-intake. I hope it works out for you, and keep your head up! Sourround yourself with people who want to support you (: it should help with your mood, and help you to not be upset. (:

Answer #5

I empathize with your dread at school. I was a skinny kid in high school but battled with over-weight in college. Unfortunately our bodies work like a bank. The fat and carbohydrates we take in is only burned off by activity. Even too much meat is converted to glucose. It would be nice if our bodies had a gauge like a gas tank on a car and told us when we need to fuel up again. However, the energy we don’t burn off is converted to fat. That is the reality of an over-fed society. If there was a simple answer to your question, the diet industry would lose a lot of money. Hang in there and I wish you well. Weight loss is quite possible; it’s difficult to keep it off.

Answer #6

well its not so much a diet you have to eat healthy and excersize!you just have to keep going!joggin playind sports walking ect. are all good things to d to lose weight you should try to search the sight of “how can I lose weight”youd be supprised to see ow many q´s and a´s there are! GOOD LUCK!!! ~jessi

Answer #7

drink a lot of tea it fills you up and try to sleep in late

Answer #8

hey hun, you should start off simple, rushing into things just makes you get unmotivated quiker, take it from me. I used to weigh 210lbs, currently Im 170lbs, so I’ve done pretty good, and I started slowly and advanced more as I went on. For you, you should start by walking 30minutes a day for 2 weeks, and drinking a lot of water, you say you weigh 220lbs so try to consume 10 or more cups a day, this will help dramaticaly seeing as how your body stores water weight. By drinking enough water daily, your body will release the stored water and you could lose up to 10lbs in water weight over these 2 weeks. after the 2 weeks, start walking for an hour a day, this may seem boring for you, so I suggest bring a mp3 player to keep your mind off the walked. keep drinking water! as for your meals, try to cut back on carbs such as pasta, breads and potatoes (you can still have them, just a small amount tho) your meals should be atleast 1/2 a plate of veggies. this will help too..snack on fruit (natures candy) Just think of how happy you will be when you start seeing results :) once you see youve lost some weight it WILL keep you motivated. I really hope I helped. And I wish you the best of luck. Have a strong will power. Say NO to bad foods, and no fast food!!! Message me if you need more advice, happy to help :)

Answer #9

sweety :) you shouldn’t worry too much about your weight or your looks. anyone who makes fun of you it’s because they are immature and shallow. as long as your beautiful on the inside, all is well. as a kid I was always teased for my weight. I was about 5’5’’ in elementary school and weighed about 166 pounds. losing weight would be a really good idea for health factors though. it is just a lot less stressful on your body if you aren’t so over weight. I’d suggest not really dieting but just trying to find foods that are healthier that you like. instead of always choosing your favorite salty snack after school try an apple or a granola bar. maybe go for a walk every day, even if it’s just ten or twenty minutes a day. walking at a pace that doesn’t make you exhausted or breath hard but raises your heart rate higher than normal resting rate will help you lose weight faster than you would expect, and it really helps when you have a favorite route to take :) I have a cemetary about six blocks from my house that I love to spend time at and walk the paths. you could also talk your parents into getting you a dog, and taking your puppy for walks would help a lot. I have a beagle/hound mix and he’s a really strong puppy :D I love taking him for walks, despite that fact that he made my arm soar at first till I trained him not to pull so hard on the leash :) hope I helped you. good luck ^_^

Answer #10

I’m a guy so I have no idea if this would help you as much as it did myself. It’s worth a try though :D. I was 290 In May, and now I weight about 220. Anyways. Basically you just have to be dedicated. When you eat remember how you wake up in the morning and you dont want to go because how people see you. Eat healthy portions. Keep you’re calories down. But Dont stop eating because then your body will just hold on to the fat. and you’re trying to get rid of that, not keep it. Excercise is probably 30% Diet is 70%. Go on walks to start and as you progress maybe you can try running or jogging after a while. It’s worth it, just keep your head up and stay determined to change your life around. NO JUNK btw! I noticed that cookies, cake, brownies etc…Yummm..for about 2 minutes? Then you forget about it until it hits our stomaches. it’s not worth it. I hope I’ve helped :)

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