How can i lose belly fat without a diet?

How do I lose belly fat? I'm thin, and I eat fairly well. I don't want to diet, but I want the belly fat gone. what can I do?

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As the latter, responder said "you can exercise" What i find really helps is weight training. it not only tones your arms and muscles, it also helps your abdominal area. And please don't worry about getting bulked up, weight training is a way of getting your body tone, which in a way will make you feel better about your self. Look at me i had an ugly stomach, but weight traing really helped me, and no i did not get muscular, but i did get toned, which is much better for a woman.

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Sit ups, yoga, an exercise ball, airobics and rowing either on a machine or in a boat!
runnings good too =D
x good luck!

How do I lose belly fat?

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Many people think that pills work, they don't. So instead of relying on pills while, your sitting on your bottom on the couch. Instead why don't you just get exercise. Exercising helps, because it highers your metabolism. When raising your metabolism, it helps digest food quicker. You may get hungrier when your metabolism is raising, that just means that you are doing a good job taking care of yourself. You should also have a banana before you work out, the banana returns all you natural fluids in your body back to normal. One thing is to make sure you eat healthy, drink milk,water,and 100% juice. Make sure you don't eat over healthy, because there is going to be a point if you do that, that you will eat a whole bunch of fatty foods, so every once and a while have a small fatty food. Fat helps absorb nutrients, so make sure you get a little bit of fat in your body. You also need a little bit of sugar. Sugar helps you gain energy, and when you have energy, you won't feel tired and worn out. Just be conscientious of you eat and drink, try not to be drinking a lot of pop either. Remember to exercise!

sincerely, Summer

lose lower belly fat fast!
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You can exercise. The purpose of exercising isn't always to lose weight, but it can help with your not needed extras.
Try doing sit-ups, but remember if: "If there is no pain, there is no gain".
do about 100-500 a day. This might sound crazy, but if you really think about it, it isn't that much to do. Also keep in mind that it will not vanish in a matter of seconds, it will take about a week or even more to see good results. DO NOT GIVE UP! People who try a ways, such as sit-ups and then say it isn't working for them is usually because they are either not doing enough or not doing them right.
Instead of putting your hands behind your head when doing the sit-ups try puting them by your side, straight. This will force you to use your belly muscle instead of letting your hands push you up, which doesn't help you for the results that you are specificly looking for.

What's the most natural way to lose weight and excess belly fat?

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You could do crunches,push ups,and run with dumbells just for the extra strength.

How can I lose this belly fat?
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Drink lots of water. than while you watching tv on a commersail break either run around your house or aroud the room. make it fun like a compitishion. its fun (kind of)and it helps you loose extra belly fat
- Melinda

How can I lose belly fat in two weeks?

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