How do I know if my touching is alright with my girlfriend?

Ok I’m 18 so my girlfriend and I have been dating for about 2 months and we recently started making out. When we were doing this I really had the urge to touch her so I started feeling up her ass. When I did this though she didn’t change at all she gave me no signs as to whether she liked it or not…sooo what does that mean? Does she want me to go further or not? Help please!

Answer #1

It means she didn’t mind that you were touching her. That doesn’t give you the queue to take it further. You should be asking her if you can touch and not simply feeling her up. I’m assuming she is being very tolerant with you or she was simply focusing to much on the kissing that she didn’t exactly focus on where you were touching her.

Either way, make sure she is okay with it. At the most, she tolerated it, doesn’t mean she liked it. You should ask her it it’s okay and if she likes being touched like that. It’s up to her to decide. And please, if she didn’t give you permission, don’t do it. She could be felt very uncomfortable about the whole thing and simply put up with it. Not exactly a good thing for her. If she does like it then you’re in your full right to keep touching her there, until then, you need to check with her if it’s okay.

Answer #2

Alright thanks for the advice. But how do I ask her? It’s seems like that would be a really awkward question to bring up in the middle of us making out.

Answer #3

im pretty sure she didnt not like it or she would have told you to stop. but you should probably ask her before you go anyfurther with it and about how she likes to be touched.

Answer #4

Haha alright. But how do I bring that conversation up?

Answer #5

Dont ask her while you’re making out with her just ask it when you dont have anything to talk about…

Answer #6

dude no she doesnt then she would tell you or make a face that she likes it

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