How do I know if it's another std?!?!?

I have a cluster of small white bumps out side of my vagina only on one side. I thought it was from shaving at first but It’s been 6 months and they haven’t gone away. My boyfriend and I both have herpies so clearly that isn’t what this is. He does not have these bumps anywhere on him and yes I have shown them to him. They don’t hurt and they don’t itch and my boyfriend who I’ve been having sex with does not have them. I am afraid to ask my doctor so does anyone have any idea what they could they be?

Answer #1

The most obvious would be to get checked out. May be slight embarrassing. But it is worse to sacrifice your life or someone elses by not going to the doctor.

Answer #2

if you have had a std before then you need to go to the doctor. it can be embarassing but you need to get that checked out. you can have something serious I hope not. but good luck with that.

Answer #3

ask your doctor so he can make sure you dont yes it will be embarrsing but you still should

Answer #4

yes go get it checked out. that’s best.

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