How do i know if im still a virgin?!

I know that sounds like the dumbest ? ever. I mean hell im suppose to KNOW righT? well the thing is my boyfrinds penis didnt go in all the way just the very tip of his head.. and it hurt so bad like taking a knife&trying to put it up my vagina lol... but I didnt bleed are anything... am I still a virgin? and I kinda have this ball thingy inside my that my cherry? are is my pu..y messed up? lol

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Even if it goes in a little bit it is still considered penetration. Meaning that you are not a virgin. It has nothing to do with "popped cherries" and broken skin because those things can happen bc of sports, tampons, masterbation, ect. So even though he inserted just the tip into your vagina that still mean your virginity is gone.

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because he entered you that makes you a non version lols

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holy hell... im not a virgin?! lol

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that ball is your cherry and no your not a virgin even if it didnt go in all the way it still counts
hope this helps :)

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The cherry has nothing to do with virginity, on many girls it rips before they have sex.

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but it didnt enter enter lol... it kinda just touched the inside

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I ment non virgin ROFL sworry

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but if I still have my cherry...then how am I not a virgin?! lol im confused!

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