How do I know if im bi?

I think im bi? Is it bad to be bi? Will god hate me or will my parents hate me?

Answer #1

I agree with everything. being bi is a personal choice. You might get crap for it but homophobics need to get a life and leave people like US alone

Answer #2

Being bi is fine. It’s your choice. If your parents don’t like it, give them time If god doesn’t like it, then he’s not really god.

Answer #3

Hmmm I think am bi too… There is noting wrong with.. you cant help it if your attracted to girls and guys!! About god… wouldnt know but as for parents… Tey shoud ubderstand and support you! But sometimes you can also get confused! because am actually not sure if am bi! I looove guys but there is just certain girls that just kinda hold me eye but I dunno if that means am just simply admirin them and all or am actually reall attracted to them! hmmm

Answer #4

I dont think it is bad to be bisexual and your parents should support you no matter what.

Answer #5

ummm no itz not bad. im bisexual ya people hate me but so what don’t let other people phuk things up for you. its your choce not theres if your parents don’t like then thtz all them. do what you want I think parents should support you whether you are or not. mine do well my mom and her boyfriend does haha my dad don’t lol

Answer #6

Well im bi but I agree with them if your bi then I think it’s ok god should not hate you because everyones the same in gods eye your parents maybe hard at first but will accept you for who you r

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