How do I know if he is cheattin or now?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for about 6 or 7 months now… I don’t believe that he is cheattin but you can never be sure about these things now… But he is a mommas boy and he loves his family a lot… Well in aug. We moved about 25-30 miles from his mom and now for about the past 2 months he has been wantin to go to his moms a lot… He is the type of person where he can’t lie to you about anything cause he will end up tellin u… I really don’t think he is cheattin and I’ve asked him time after time if he is and its always no… He calls me every day or every other day… I guess what my questions are (1) how can I tell is he is cheattin on me or not with out the things I said above? (2) also how can I make things between us stronger then they are? I would really like anyones help cause I think I’m fallin in love with him!!! Please!!! Thanks!!!

Answer #1

From what you just said there you have no evidence what so ever that he’s doing anything at all. It sounds like you don’t trust him at all. Until you actually have something that says he’s absolutely cheating, STOP ASKING HIM, cause that will drive him straight away from you. He sounds like a really nice dude that really likes you. Just be happy with your relationship and stop trying to find something wrong. Trust is the largest part of a good relationship so if you want you two to grow stronger, trust in him more.

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