How do i kiss my boyfriend?

I have been going out with My boyfriend for a week & a few days & I want to kiss him & he wants to kiss me, but how do I go up to him & kiss him ??

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Simply, just pucker your lips . BAM. You just kissed him (: haha .
Remember to tilt your head just a little, you dont want to bump noses

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it should just come naturally.
when you're hugging him, lean in and give him a kiss. or maybe he'll make the first move.

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ok what you should do is, get him alone and getting him talking, try to get eye contact and then hold the eye contact then slowly move toward him and then gently kiss him,
hope I helped you, good luck!!!

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thank you, you have been a big help. Ill try it tomorow & let you know <3 x

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