How do i kiss a girl at the movies?

Me and a couple of my friends are goin to the movies and I prob need to be a good kisser so I need to no how to be a good kisser, please help

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It's actually kind of rude to kiss at the movies. I always get stuck behind those people. Geez, it's public...get some manners.

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Put your arm round her or hold her hand. Try to get your eyes to lock on each other and then youll know what to do from there.

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first make her feel comfortable with you,
put your arm around her, hug her, hold her hand,
those kinda things. look at her and when she looks back,
give her a kiss on the forehead or cheek the first time.
then the second time give her a long peck on the lips,
and then move into a little 2 or 3 minute make out session.
hope it helps. (:

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kissing in the movies is the hardest thing to do. Take it slow and start by putting your arm around her or holding her hand which is ever more comfortable. I perfer when a guy puts his arm around me. Anyways make little gestures like looking at her or squeeing her sholder if your arms around her. Now usually guys don't ask and just asume it's okay to kiss a girl so if you are really guttys then ask but if you don't want to them it's okay. As soon as your comfortable look at her again and if she looks back then plant one on her. Now it does not have to be a 20 minute makeout session because you both probably want to watch the movie so limit your self to no more than 2 minutes. Anyways hope this helps

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