How do I help my fat cat lose weight?

Here’s the problem. I have a cat, his name is Elvis. When I first got him he was maybe a few months old, but now he’s about 1 1/2-2 years old. He was a little tiny thing when I first got him, but now he’s SO fat :( Haha it’s so sad, but he gets made fun of because he’s got such a big belly and a tiny little head with long skinny legs. I let him eat when he wants, because we’d always had too many cats to seperately feed them. But now I’m getting worried about how big he is, and we just got a new cat a little over a week ago who’s already getting a little bigger!

My question is what are some good cat food brands for dieting, and should I start feeding the cats at certain times of the day instead of leaving them to get food when they want? I’ll do whatever I need to to help get them to a good size :)

Answer #1

Hey, well first you need to stop letting him eat when he wants, this can obviously be difficult if he’s roaming around because you never know where else he might be feeding.

Adult cats only really need feeding a couple of times per day, (say once in the morning then early evening) so you you really need to try and get him into a routine of doing this. It could be difficult now he’s used to his current routine, but eventually he will get used to it. He’ll probably whinge and complain and you’ll feel sorry for him but don’t get tempted into feeding him outisde his routine.

And you don’t need to give him loads, I think our adult cat has a pouch of wet cat food per day with a little dry food sprinkled on top. Don’t know about diet food because we just feed ours whiskas from pouches. Do you have a vet? best to ask in there, or a local pet store which sells food.

It might be good to get him looked at by the vet anyway, just to get him a health check.

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