How do i have my erection unrestrained during a lap dance?

When I go get a dance at a strip club I would get an erection but sometimes it is stuck there in my underwear or pants. I do not feel comfortable reaching down there and repositioning it. Is there a way to make it so that when it goes erect I do not have to make adjustments. It almost feels like it is in a strait jacket. I hope this makes sense.

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I wear baggy shorts with wide legs and no underwear and release it out the bottom of the shorts leg most strippers dont mind seeing this just dont invade their space or try raping them or anything let them make all the moves .

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My dear, that didn't make much sense, but maybe the pants you where can help? I'm not sure. I'm not a guy. LOL
Have fun! :D

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youd have to push it down... when your hard just put your hand down your trousers (as your sitting)

and give it a push but it works better when you have briefs on cus the elastic helps hold it to your leg

so your dick is out your briefs and the briefs are helping to hold it in place..

I think it will still stick up a lil but maybe not as much :S :S

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I do not mean I am trying to stop my erection or am embarassed by it. I mean I want it to be in its full erect position but its kind of constrained downed there from doing so. So I can better enjoy the lap dance.

I have tried both briefs and boxers and have worn tight and looser pants. I am not sure if its just because of the pants and underwear I wear. I'd like it if my penis is already positioned in a way so that if the girl sits on my lap and I start getting an erection the dancer would be sitting on it.

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what u do is u can enjoy it but think of somethings that will make it go down while you are getting that dance

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