How do i get this nice guy i like to notice me?? 15 and I've never realy been in a serious relationship the longest relationship I was in lasted 4 months :(
Ok to the question how do I get this guy I like to notice me?? I live in germany and he is realy nice :)and cute and funny!hes been talking more to me lately and whenever im supposed to send him out of the school building he dawdles. :)dose he like me???
Thanxxxs love ya all!!♥

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what the flicker? questoin is "How do I get this nice guy I like to notice me??" well you said you guys talk and junk... so I think he's noticed you. and yeah your still immature so the relationships your in will also be immature.
in my opinion, he might like you, as to why... no clue. but he does. so just talk to him about it, mature a little and realize that things happen when you make them. hope I helped

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