How do I get the guy I like to ask me out?

Ok I like this guy .. & I know he likes me but he is shy… how can I give him signs that I want him to ask me out :s

Answer #1

I don’t see why it’s a like a universal rule where the guy has to ask you out. The boy is shy. Haha. You do the honors. Ask him out. =p

Answer #2

Yes I agree, ask him out, as in to hang out in to watch game or in a amusement park, because he’s shy those activities make you guys iteract more with each other, and he will start feeling more confortable with you. :)

Answer #3

Okay, well first of all. If he’s shy, at this point nothing is going to happen. Sometimes you have to step up to the plate and be the one to ask him out instead of the other way around. You can’t just sit around waiting.

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