How do I get rid of red spots and acne on my face?

Oky well latly I’ve been breaking out more and getting zits were I ussually dont, b.c. I used to just them on my forhead and it was mild, but now I have one above my lip and on my checks, and a few on my nose, I dont have dry skin but I dont have greasy skin either, my nose is greasy though, I havent really been doing any thing different with make up or anything, but I have been putting my hair back more btw im 13 :]

Answer #1

*rid best thing to do is soap and water. most acne stuff only makes it worse. :P good luck, it’s a thing we all go throughhh.

Answer #2

okay, well I am 14 turning 15 soon. I have the same problem. you may be about to start your period, or its just a phase you are going through. wash your face with soap and water in the shower or wherever.I normally wash my face everyday in the shower. do it maybe 1 or twice a day. and if you have not already started your period at all, it could be your about to start for the first time. but I just suggest you should wash your face! it should help! hope my advice helps you!!!(:

Answer #3

Make sure the soap doesn’t dry your face out too much, or if it does get a good moisturizer. You’ve probably heard that your diet doesn’t make a difference but it absolutely does. Try to eat lots of veggies, lean meats, and fish, and avoid vegetable oil, carbohydrates, and greasy foods. Over the counter stuff can help, but just be careful not to overuse it. Don’t expect term results from over the counter acne meds and pick your foods carefully.

If you’re looking for qualified answers from doctors you may want to check out “The Clear Skin Diet.” It helped me so I don’t mind plugging it.

Some people have acne until adulthood. Best to kick it in the butt early.

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