How do i get rid of the mark a scab left ?

after picking a scab how do I get rid of the mark it left ? as soon as you've picked the scab you have a red mark instead! how do I make that go away? I've got tonnes because I just had the chicken pox an I picked the scabs on my face . . . help!!!

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hopefully it will heal on it's own if there is enough living tissue there, it will... but it takes a while because scabs are like your natural band-aid, and you should not pick at them.

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you're not supposed to pick the scabs... it left a scar. you might not be able to get rid of them.

you can cover them up with make up or lighten them with cocobutter.

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use coco butter get the one for scars

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You could try this... it's about $10

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darn, that means I just scared a name in my rist! :S

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