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how do I get rid of my dad?

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I hate my dad how do I get rid of my stupid dad he is a dedbeat , I hate his guts and I dont see why my mom I still married to him he threatends me yuh like im scared but anyways he is a b*stard ill say dont touch this or dont touch that when he comes in my rooom he snoops, and it gets annoying and he's like "I payed for it" an he didnt and he says the lame little thing "your living under my roof" and no were not we pay rent, and he dont even pay the rent my 77 year old grandmother had to get all the money her and my aunt had to pay it and my mom and dad didnt pay it back and his mom (I dont claim her) dont even attempt to even give us 1 penny and she never gets me anything for christmas. and he thinks he is all tough but my friends uncle is going to beat his a*s up anyways but I need something to keep him away from me till then? what should I do? and dont say stuff like oh he's our dad and you should love him?"" I dont give a sh*tt*n f*ck what he is to me I hate his motherf*cking guts!