How do i get rid of a site address on my toolbar?

I recently heard about this site, and when went in it, it was not a good site. But anyways I want to delete it from the memory cause i don't want ppl to think bad of me, especially my parents. plz help

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Here is a really deep answer.
Some viruses protect themselves by blocking security Web sites, antivirus programs, and other tools that could be used against them, including Windows' System Configuration utility and Registry Editor. They cleverly block antivirus Web sites by altering your Hosts file, a text file with no extension that individual programs use to assign a specific IP address to a Web page. The Hosts file will be in a different folder depending on your operating system:

Windows XP: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc
Windows 2000: C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc
Windows 98/Me: C:\Windows

To correct the problem, double-click the Hosts file and choose Notepad to open it. Delete any line in the file that refers to an antivirus Web site. Or you can simply delete the Hosts file and Windows will re-create it automatically with zero entries. Now browse to an online virus scanner to check your hard drive and remove the virus.

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Before that question can be answered what browser are you using? Each browser , Safari, IE, FireFox, Opera has it own way of removing that data.

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go to tools on the the top of the screen then go to delete browsing history

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ive been wondering the same thing so when you figure it out plz let me know

What is this site about???

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Go to Internet options and hit the delete history button Then go to and download spybot s&d and clean out the spyware you recieved. the delete history again just to be safe.

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