How do I get pierced without my parents noticing?

I want to geet my tonguue pierceed & I’m gonna do it buut I juust wanted to be aware of the consequences it could bring to my tonguue & body not with my parents.. Donnt tell me that I can lose my tonguue, seriouslyy, Whaat are the consequences ?

Answer #1

um well your tounge will swell and you probably will get germsso you may die have fun…

Answer #2

yeaaah right, how do you wanna die from aa tonguue piercinng ?

Answer #3

Some people have died from having their tounge pierced, or their tounge has swelled up rather big.

Answer #4

Sigh You obviously haven’t done any research. There is a mayjor blood vessel in your tounge and if they punture that then you could bleed to death. You could damage the nerves and lose the proper use of your tounge, which could be painful for the rest of your life. Or, your could also lose your taste.

Of course dying from a tounge piercing is the most extreme thing that could happen, but it has happened and you shouldn’t rule it out saying it couldn’t happen to you.

Don’t forget about infection either, because sometimes if you get an infection from a tounge piercing, it can spread further throughout your body.

Answer #5

Seems to me half of you havent done your research. All piercers know how to look for that blood vessel and the chance of you dying is slim. I do have my toungue pierced and your toungue is going to be pretty swollen when you first get it done. Maybe you should stay at a friends house for that weekend. If you talk without opening your mouth a lot they probably wont notice.

Answer #6

I had my tounge pierced on sunday :) and it’s such a wicked piercing. I didn’t tell my mum because I knew she would say no so I just went ahead and done it anyway but she found out loll. if I was you id go ahead and have it done. most of them things are so rare. just make sure you go to a proper piercing place and make sure it’s clean and they know what they are doing. when I read stuff on the internet about it like your tounge can swell up and suffocate you, it scared me little and put me off of the idea. but I just went ahead and done it and im so glad that I did.

getting it pierced dosen’t really hurt. im not gunna say it dosen’t because your getting a needle shoved thru your tounge so it will obviously hurt a bit. but it don’t hurt enuff you cry or anything like that. either way it’s over in a few seconds. you will have a swell bar in for a while, I have to keep mine in for 7-10 days to let the swelling go down and then I can go and have it changed. it is hard to eatt and the barr does rub a bit but mines feeling loads better.

Answer #7

1.) As said above the most extreme thing that can happen is death. -> Way #1: The puncturing of the blood vessel, you can bleed to death. -> Way #2: The puncturing of the blood vessel, the same blood vessel that is connected to your brain, so having a brain abscess is a possibility. -> Way #3: Blood poisoning. -> Way #4: Tounge can swell so large it can block your airway and suffocate you.

2.) Chipped and broken teeth. When you talk the stud flicks out, and it can chip or break your tooth. I have a chipped tooth from a lip piercing.

3.) Receding gums. The stud rubs against your gums and it sometimes pushing it down, or wares it away. Your tooth can fall out if that happens, since theres nothing really holding it in anymore.

4.) The stud can be unscrewed, and people have swallowed it before. Theres 2 ways it can go into your lung, which is bad, and has to be surgically removed, or towards your stomach. It’s ripped and scratched peoples internal intestines before.

5.) Hitting a nerve. Iholly explained that well so I won’t repeat.

6.) Neuralgia. Long lasting nerve pain.

7.) Diseases, Std’s etc can be obtained from un-sterile equipment.

8.) Infection.

9.) Keloids.

10.) Can lead to oral cancers.

11.) Can cause speech impediments.

12.) Cyst formation.

13.) Endocarditis; where bacteria enters the blood stream and can damage heart valves.

14.) Ludwig’s angina, from a bacterial infection.

And the list can probably go on even longer but that’s all that I can think of.

Oh and btw, you might as well tell your parents if you decide to do it, because they WILL notice eventually, and they WILL be pissed when they find out.

I have mine pierced though. And most of this stuff is INCREDIBLY rare, but it’s still possible.

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