How do I get over him?

How do I get over this guy that I like that has a girlfriend but broke up with her for me but NOW got back together with her!! We used to be like best friends and he knew I liked him and apparently he’s liked me for awhile. I’ve tried liking other people and it kinda worked but not really that much. How can I get over this guyy???!!!

Answer #1

Honestly, I Don’t think Theres Much You Can Do, I’m Feeling The Exact Same I Know How Horrible It Is So I Feel For You. All You Can Do Is Be Friends, And TELL HIM, Even If He Does Have A Girlfriend At Least You’ll Feel Better And If He’s The Friend You Say He Is He Won’t Tell Anyone He’ll Respect You For It.

Good Luck x

Answer #2

“never leave the one you love for the one you like because the one you like will leave you for the one they love” this is probably the case here I rekon he really likes his girlfreind, but had some feelings for you, so left her to be with you..then realised he loved/ liked her more and went back to her it does happen a lot so now youve got some getting over to do you shouldnt want to be with anyone who doesnt want to be with you. remember that try and find other things to occupy your time with start some hobbies, hang out with freinds…anything to keep your mind off it but remember, its okay to cry and feel sad, you need to let your feelings out but dont dwell on the past, because you cant change it hope that helped you a bit!

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