How can I get over him?

There is this guy I have liked forever! I know he doesn’t like me. But I still can’t get over him. I think about him all the time and when my friends ask if I like him I lie and say I don’t but I still do! How do I get over him?

Answer #1

mmmmkkk i had the same problem like 2 months ago and wat i did was tried to go out w/some1 else and see if u tend to jump that love from the guy u are tryin to get over to the one ur datin…lol or just take some time and try not to think about him and when evr u start thinkin about him try to accupy ur self so u stop and then evetually …u wont really realize it…ull be over him

Answer #2

I, too, had a problem getting over a guy (an ex-boyfriend). My mind would only focus on him, 24/7 and I would sometimes cry in class. It was terrible!! Sometimes writing your feelings in a letter then ripping it up helps. It’s worked a few times for me. I also found someone else to take my mind off of him. I ended up getting to know this boy vey well, went out to eat with some friends, then went to the Winter Sports dance with him. I think you should try to find someone else to take the focus off this boy. It worked for me, so good luck!!

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