How do I get over a girl I was in love with?

I haven’t been with my first love for a year and a handful of months. I still think about her. It’s hard to move on like this. I know I just need to let it go. but idkk. Just can’t. She was amazing. (btw, being with her again isn’t an option. Complications.)

Answer #1

I kow how you feel.. I was so in love with my boyfriend of two years and we broke up for a month and it was like hell I didnt feel like myself and he was all I could think about and everything reminded me of him, songs, food, shows on tv, it was horrible. I was crying all the time and I just wanted to have him back .. it was so sudden and I didnt even do anything wrong he said he needed time byhimself. long story short::: FORCE YOURSELF to do things that make you happy, try to go out, talk to people, the heartache will go away in time but you just have to try and get busy with other things and get your mind off of her,. easier said then done, I know but its really all that you can do. this is obviously a tough time for you and I completely feel for you. nobody understood how heartbroken I was at that time, they would tell me to just get over it but I couldnt just forget such a big part of my life, you know? but more advice I have for you is really find some hobbies, talk to new girls, and im sure you will meet someone new who deserves the love you can give.. trust me when you do these things in time the constant thinking about her will fade away. ignore her its whats best for you especially if you know you wont get back together.

try to look at it as a learning experience. shes in your past for a reason, better things will come. (: good luck hope I helped you

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