How do i get on myspace at school?

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If my son's school did not monitor the activity and I caught my son on myspace WHILE AT SCHOOL, oh dear Lord please help my son. That doesn't really answer the question though, does it. Sorry, got a little spazzed. I am back in control now...

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If they've blocked it, you might be able to get through with a proxy.

However, if their networking staff know what they are doing, that wont' help either, and a proxy might steal your account info, resulting in it getting hacked or worse, etc.

An with your friends on FunAdvice, lol. :)

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it depends if your school blocks it like the first week of school i could get on my myspace but then they blocked it

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if it's blocked i would say not to will get into a lot of troube.

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heres a proxys to try
that is the best one i know of off hand i cant remeber the other ones we used to use

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