How do I get my pussy wet?

I just can’t get it wet I want it wet so so bad. Its been dry for a long time I just want to pleasure myself.

Answer #1

Umm do NOT use baby oil or vaseline. Good hell that is dangerous.

Get yourself some KY jelly if you don’t have enough lubrication down there. It’s a lubricant and is cheap and safe to use. You can buy it at a pharmacy or any supermarket.

Answer #2

I dont their talkin bout a cat lol

use baby oil, vaseline etc etc

Answer #3

Has no-one ever told you?! Pussies HATE water!

Give it some water or milk or something. It can get dehydrated easily, which might result in you having to take it to the vets.. Give it a ball attached to some string :) That way you can both pleasure yourselves!

Have fun!

Answer #4

finger your selve till you cum duh

Answer #5

Become psychologically and physically sexually aroused

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