How do i get my pictures from the dvd disk?

my friend lisa who took my wedding pictures gave me my disk its a dvdr I guess and everytime I put it into the harddrive it says that its a blank cd how do I get my pictures?

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you might have a CD-rom in your laptop or pc

youll need a DVD-rom in order for it to load and for you to use the images

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does it work on your dvd?

how to use my cam to take a blame picture?

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As we know, many pictures or scenes in DVD movies are beautiful. Have you ever seen the movie of new moon? I saw it and actually enjoyed it. I was surprised by the fact that I, too, had been charmed by the allure of the glitter vamps and the romantic tale that unfolded from their presence in Forks (the northwestern town where all the magic happens).and then I use DVD Ripper for Mac to capture pictures from DVD on My Mac while I am watching DVD movie. Today I would like to share with you the tips about how to save picture from DVD on Mac.

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