How do I get my dog to be quiet at bedtime?

I’m having a hard time sleeping cause my dog wants to whine when its bedtime. She stays in our laundry room with a baby gate in the door jam so that she doesn’t use the bathroom in the house while we’re sleeping and so she doesn’t attack our cat. Any suggestions on how to stop the whining and barking? I’ve tried chew toys and everything. Can somebody please help me so that I can get a peaceful nights rest please?!?

Answer #1

I’d get a crate, too…then I’d put that crate in my bedroom…he’ll sleep like a baby, no whining…Dogs aren’t meant to be alone…and in his eyes, you’re isolating him.


Answer #2

I hate to say it. but I think she wants to be in your bed. if thats not going to happen, make sure she has a nice bed and a shirt of yours or both of yours in her bed. so she can feel safe. some times maybe throw some cheap treats in her bed so she knows its her zone

Answer #3

in short: id surggest allowing the dog into your room at night…

do it once and c if it helps :)

Answer #4

I’d whine if I was locked in the laundry room at night too.

Answer #5

We had that problem when we got our dog, we got a cage for him at night time and throughout the day we would throw his toys in there for him to get and keep his toys in there so he knows it was his “safe place”. This means the dog knows this place is his and not yours, then at night carry him into the cage and cover it with a sheet or something like that, and he should just go to sleep.

It took about 5 days for my dog to get used to this thank god because his crying was so loud it was impossible to sleep. But if he does make a noise tap the top of his cage once quite hard and shout quiet, then leave the room.

It also helps to give him a long walk before you put him to bed, I take him for about a 25 minute walk and he comes back tired and goes straight to sleep, but you will have to have someone wake up around 6am to give him a walk beause the dog will become restless being left there that long, especially as he will be desperate to do his business.

Hope this helps :)

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