How do I get my cousin to stop having sex(she's 13)?

I’m very worried about my couzin, she’s been having sex with a lot of boys at her school and she’s only 13, what can I do or tell her to make her stop?! btw she’s also gotten into drugs and I am tempted to tell her parents if it keeps up, but they will destroy her life if I do- help!

Answer #1

tell her parents at 13 shes a child, shes rebelling she desnt care about the rules and most certainly wont care about the bad things involved with what shes doing because she just sees it as “‘cool”‘ and doesnt understand any of the consequences like pregnancy, stds, drug addiction, ect her parents know these risks and need to come down on her hard they need to tell her everything shes doing is wrong, why its wrong, and what will most likley happen if she keeps it up (will end up pregnant, be called a sl*t, ect) they can also get profesional help involved (you could even suggest it) if shes a bit too much for them to handle by themselves the sooner she learns about why whats shes doing is bad, the better if it can be stoped now this is one less child that could even end up as an std infested, pregnant prostitute because the things shes doing often lead to worse things

Answer #2

tell her parents. she will be mad at you at first, but in the long run, she will apreciate you for stopping her from continuing to ruin her life. this is very serious, and you need to get her help. do what is best for her, not best for you.

Answer #3

tell on her …you don’t want her hooked on drugs its a hard cycle to break…tell on her it will be best for her to have a productive future

Answer #4

well you need to explore he into new things and mabye show her other ways to get guys she might just be having sex b/c she is afraid she isnt pretty or something b/c ya know thats all guys want from girls sexx soo mabye help her get a guy who doesnt want sex hope that helped

Answer #5

start off with telling her all about STD’s and STI’s and tell her that cus shes having sex with a lot of lads that she could easily get one, sum you cant even tell… which can leed to early menapause (shes 13 so she may not have even started her periods), and she might end up not being able to have kids. also she could die from drugs. I almost got severly hurt with alcohol.. and my friends told me how bad I got, now I drink it only at special occassions. she may she what your talking about and change her ways. if not. TELL HER PARENTS.

Answer #6

thnx for the advice guys :)

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