How do i get my boyfriend to eat me out?

ok me and my boyfriend have been going out for a few months now I am 13 and he is 14. and I have given him head but I never seem to get anything in return. I mean he has had me with my top off and he has fingered me but I really want him to go a bit further you know.
also is it better to shave, and should I moan or not?
please help

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um, yes shave. half the reason he might not show interest is because you havent shaved, and make sure your clean. and yes moan, turns them on. and I know you dont want all these people on here saying your only thirteen and all doing this kind of stuff, which I agree with but im almost 16 and my boyfriends 18 and we started a bit early too. and when you give him head make sure you finish him off, because if not you'll never get anything in return. and just bring it up. if your comfortable with giving him head and fingering you at thirteen then you should be able to ask him if he'll eat you. If its uncomfortable asking. then get him really hyped up. lay him down sit right on top of him, and kiss him all over, nibble on his ear and neck and breathe hard in his ear, whisper dirty thing say "eat me, pleaseee" and keep breathing hard. make sure you can get an orgasm if he does because if you cant get you off then he's never going to do it again because he wont think hes good at it. if you cant achieve orgasm, then fake it until the next time. play with yourself and find out what feels good, tell him what feels good too. remember not all guys eat their girls, they're greedy. so good luck , hope this helped !

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I will not give my man oral until he goes down there, its only fair

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yes shave and moan. it's a turn on to them. its like a green light that their pleasing you.

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Well I'm a girl and I like them hairy!

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um well that sucks
to meh you just got played
other wise put some treats down their...

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wow man you're shouln be doin sh.t anyways..
but oh well i was doin the same thing then too :P
hahaa jus TELL. him. demanding is a turn on for most guys.

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