How do I get my boyfriend 2 cum fast?

Every time im givin him head he never cums and I get really tire and it gets boring after a wild how can I enjoy it 2 so he wont be bored also

Answer #1

guys go crazy when you suck. Don’t just lick, or take it in or out–create the suction. my boyfriend also likes my teeth (gently) scraping him, but that depends on the person. try different things, like teeth, suction, fingers, maybe tickle it with your toungue, the main thing is to try out different combinations/techniques until you both like what’s happening :] GOOD LUCK

Answer #2

Giving head doesn’t just involve your mouth. You’ll make it fast if you use your hands too. Make sure all of his penis is wet (with you spit, obviously) because it hurts him if it isn’t. Make an okay sign around it and move your hand up and down the same time as your throat. Switch it up too. Start out really slow.. tease him a little bit. Then go faster and faster. Then stop. It drives my love crazy :] Make sure to keep going though, it’s unfair not to :/

Answer #3

Deep throat him, let his dick hit the back of your throat and try not to gag, it takes practice but it’s with it. Keep letting him hit your throat when he cums let him shoot straight down your throat trust me he’ll never give you up after that lol

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