how do I get music on my ipod?

How do I get music from my friends itunes without getting my music deleted??

Answer #1

try emailing the songs back and forth. they should be saved to your computer so just send them in an attachment.

Answer #2

Usually it will delete it. I think it only allows you to use one iTunes at a time for each iPod. My brothers and sisters always do that on my computer, than when they try to on their computer, it deletes their songs.

Answer #3

drag the music file to itunes. everytime you sync, drag it out to desktop but it gets pretty hard when you have hundreds of files. hope someone else can help with that but this is what I know. All the best!

Answer #4

The only persons music that gets deleted is your friends because it’s from a different iTunes Library,your songs are safe. Every iTunes libraries are different,it goes for you as well if you were to connect YOUR iPod to HIS computer.

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