How do I get mii boyfriend to let me give him head???

Okay I am 16 years old and have been dating this amazing guy 4 about 9 months on and off and we’ve screwed already and all that other stuff but he wont let me give him head and I dont understand why. I think he might be embarrassed or something. He says its gross and im not really sure why he thinks that because hes never gotten it. I really wanna give it to him because im 1 of the very few gurlz that loves it and is good at it ha. So if anyone has any advice on how I can pursuade mii babee to let me give him head please!!! Let me know.

Answer #1

dont wake him up with head, if he says he doesnt want head he prob means it maybe he would feel wierd kissing you afterward it may mean that he really likes you btw I have a friend that was the same way as that now he lets his girl give him head though

Answer #2

wow, a guy who doesn’t want head? Well he might be emberrased? Or he could just be trying to be classy and not take advantage of you, I would say that you start by doing something and then work your way to doing it before he can object. I don’t know he probably wants it cause guys dig that stuff. Or he might not, but if he doesn’t respect who he is… hope this helps

Answer #3

Wake him up giving him head. That might change his mind.

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